Is Your Faucet Low Or High Quality?

Picking out the right faucet can be challenging for new and established homeowners alike. It’s more than just the style or finish, but the quality and components as well. To help, here is a look into the differences you should keep in mind when shopping for a high-quality faucet.

Features You Want and Those to Avoid

While browsing online or the shelves of your local home improvement store, you’ll see a wide selection of faucets. Spotting the differences between low- and high-quality models comes down to the features as well as how suitably it will fit your sink.

Starting with functional differences, you’ll need to decide on the number of handles. While two-handle designs can bring a stylish symmetry to a bathroom sink or counter, single handles are arguably more practical and make water adjustment easier. Along the same lines is the reach and height of the spout. Determining this means taking a close look at the area where it will be installed. Are shelves in the way? Is it a three-bowl sink? Such factors will play into whether a faucet will fit the space and adequately get the job done.

Another aspect of function is opting for a pull-down sprayer for your kitchen or utility sink instead of a “side” sprayer, which is more prone to leaks. Speaking of leaks, you’ll want to ensure your faucet has a ceramic valve as it boasts the best long-term reliability. Otherwise, you may have to deal with dripping and subsequent water damage.

A final part of design to bear in mind is the finish. Although you may want to select a style to match the other décor, not all finishes are created equal. Some, such as chrome, are highly durable, while others are coated in epoxy or a similar substance, making them more resistant to stains and smudges. Before making your decision based on looks, it’s important to research which finish will persevere through the years.

The Hazards of Poor-Quality Faucets

Why is it so important to opt for a spout of good quality? Essentially, it’s due to the fact that poor-quality models may be hazardous and quickly wear out, making them an unsound investment. For instance, you should avoid products manufactured with harmful heavy metals, such as inferior copper and zinc alloys.

These potentially toxic properties could have detrimental health effects on the body after long-term exposure. It’s also best to avoid products using zinc alloys since they are easily oxidized. When this happens, the inside of the fixture might corrode, become brittle and potentially burst in the cold days of winter.

How to Check the Faucet’s Quality

There are several ways to assess the quality of a faucet. Five key points to go over include:

  • Materials: Its external and internal components are made of sturdy, long-lasting material.
  • Cartridge: It has a high-quality ceramic cartridge resistant to high temperatures and chemical corrosion.
  • Aerator: It has a premium aerator that limits noise and saves water while offering sufficient scouring force.
  • Plating: It has a thick plating, preferably chrome or nickel, which is resilient against surface oxidation, corrosion and blistering.
  • Flexible hosing: The manufacturers strictly followed the hosing and inner tube guidelines in terms of raw materials, production, assembly and inspection.

Choosing a High-Quality Faucet

When you’re ready to upgrade your faucet, measure thoroughly beforehand, do your research and follow installation instructions carefully. Remember, style is an important aspect, but practicality is key. You can find both in a high-quality faucet, including those available at Bath Planet of STL.

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