Make Your Bathroom Look Brand New (Without Remodeling)

Does your bathroom look like an ad from the 70s? Does it still have the original fixtures? These outdated looks may be a sign your bathroom is ready for a makeover. Before you search for a contractor or start knocking on pipes yourself, consider taking small steps to spruce up the space instead. Below are a few pointers on how to make an old bathroom look new with little to no remodeling.

Why Make Some Updates and Not a Full Remodel?

Tearing down walls and reworking the plumbing is expensive. If you’re interested in modernizing a master bath or a first-floor powder room, there are plenty of ways to do so without breaking the bank. Going this route not only saves money, it also avoids the hassle of construction downtime while still giving the room more appeal. Lastly, there’s the sustainability factor. If the main fixtures are still in good repair and operate efficiently, it’s better for the environment to skip costly replacements and opt instead to update the space. If that isn’t the case, making the switch to modern, water-saving bathroom fixtures could end up saving you some money in the long run.

Tips & Tricks to Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

First, you can help make an old bathroom look new by updating the toilet’s hardware to a trendy or coordinating finish. The same goes for the towel rack, paper towel holder and hand towel holder. Plus, switching out these features is relatively simple and could be done in a day if the walls are undamaged. Another trick is to swap out an old, boring mirror for one with personality or a more modern aesthetic. You could also consider replacing the lighting fixtures. Shop around for new sconces, vanity lighting or go even simpler by incorporating battery-powered LED wax pillars, which are great for creating a decorative, candlelit effect. Speaking of décor, you can jazz up an old bathroom with new artwork, wallpaper, an ornamental fan and so much more. One way to draw the eye away from outdated features is to add an element of art that’s been framed by greenery or faux plant life. Just remember to be purposeful with the décor or when creating a focal point. The restroom should give off a clean vibe and too much contrasting color or clutter might ruin it. A final but significant trick to livening up the space is to give it a paint job. From an entirely new coat of something light and contemporary to a dark accent wall, there are lots of ways to change the look. Very trendy at the moment, painting the wood on the sink or medicine cabinet the right color can also make a world of difference. Just be sure to get water-resistant paint if doing it yourself. You can also paint bathroom tiles instead of replacing them. Although this tactic won’t last forever and requires specific paint, it can quickly dial up boring tile.

Freshening Up

In the end, it’s all about how you want the space to look and function. Whether you decide to bring in a modern toilet or simply paint an accent wall, do it your way. Furthermore, as you continue to search out design tips and renovation ideas, be sure to keep sustainability in mind. There’s a wide selection of eco-friendly bathroom fixtures that can bring new life to your washroom while also helping to safeguard our planet’s resources.

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