The Perfect Splash: Finding the Ideal Sink for Your Bathroom

The bathroom sink: a daily companion for countless tasks, from morning toothbrushing to evening face-washing. It’s a focal point of your bathroom’s functionality and style. But with a vast array of options available, choosing the perfect sink can feel overwhelming.

Worry not, St. Louis homeowners! This guide will navigate you through the world of bathroom sinks, helping you find the one that blends seamlessly with your needs, aesthetics, and budget.

Step 1: Size Matters: Considering Your Bathroom Space

Before diving into styles and materials, prioritize practicality. Measure your available space to determine the ideal sink size. Remember, comfort matters. You shouldn’t feel cramped while using the sink. Here’s a breakdown of common sink sizes:

Small bathrooms (less than 20 sq ft)

Compact console sinks (18-22 inches wide) or pedestal sinks (15-18 inches wide) maximize space without sacrificing functionality.

Mid-sized bathrooms (20-40 sq ft)

Wall-mounted sinks (18-24 inches wide) offer a sleek, modern look and provide some storage underneath. Vessel sinks (16-20 inches wide) can add a touch of luxury, but require countertop space.

Large bathrooms (over 40 sq ft)

Double vanity sinks (over 60 inches wide) are ideal for shared bathrooms, offering ample space and storage. You can also explore larger vessel sinks or trough sinks for a statement piece.

Step 2: Style Savvy: Choosing the Right Look

Now comes the fun part: selecting a sink style that complements your bathroom’s overall design. Here are some popular options:

Undermount Sinks

Installed beneath the countertop for a seamless look and easy countertop cleaning.

Vessel Sinks

Sit atop the countertop, making a bold statement and adding a touch of elegance to the bathroom.

Pedestal Sinks

Ideal for smaller bathrooms, pedestal sinks feature a stand-alone basin supported by a pedestal, saving space while exuding classic charm.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Mounted directly onto the wall, these sinks are perfect for minimalist and contemporary bathrooms, offering ample floor space and easy cleaning.

Step 3: Material Marvels: Exploring Sink Options

Sink materials come with a range of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown of the most common ones:


A popular and affordable choice, porcelain offers a classic look and is easy to clean. However, it can chip or crack if impacted heavily.


Natural stone sinks exude luxury and durability. They are heat and scratch-resistant, but can be costly and require special care.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are known for their durability, sleek modern look, and ease of cleaning. However, they can show water spots and scratches easily.


Acrylic and composite sinks offer a wide range of colors and styles, are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as scratch-resistant as other materials.

Step 4: Functionality First: Features to Consider

When choosing a sink, consider functionalities that enhance your daily routines. Here are some features to ponder:

Number of basins

Single or double basins? For multi-user bathrooms, a double basin promotes efficiency.


Pre-drilled holes for specific faucet types or a widespread faucet deck for customization?


Does the sink offer built-in storage or require additional cabinetry?


Consider integral backsplashes to prevent water damage and create a seamless look.

Step 5: Installation Expertise: Partnering with Bath Planet of St. Louis

Finding the perfect sink is just the first step. Now it’s time for flawless installation that ensures functionality and aesthetics. Here’s where Bath Planet of St. Louis steps in as your trusted partner.

At Bath Planet of St. Louis, we offer a wide selection of top-quality bathroom sinks, including:

•  Durable acrylic sinks in various styles and colors

•  Stylish vessel sinks to add a touch of luxury

•  Functional double vanity sinks for shared bathrooms

Our experienced technicians will expertly install your chosen sink, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless finish. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch craftsmanship, transforming your bathroom into a space that you’ll love.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Sink?

Don’t let the process of finding the perfect sink overwhelm you. With this guide and the expertise of Bath Planet of St. Louis, you’re well on your way to a beautiful and functional bathroom.

At Bath Planet of St. Louis, we understand the importance of finding the perfect sink for your bathroom. As a trusted partner in bathroom remodeling, we offer a wide range of high-quality sinks and accessories to suit every style and budget. Contact us today to explore our selection and turn your bathroom dreams into reality.

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