Light Up Your Space: Why is Bathroom Lighting Important?

Light Up Your Space: Why is Bathroom Lighting Important?

Making the bathroom lighting a top priority isn’t a standard rule in home improvement. However, properly installed and creatively-arranged lighting can add serious value to your home. Top-quality bathroom lights can enhance functionality, set the mood, and provide that perfect ambiance.

Plan Your Bathroom Lighting

The planning stage when handling a st. Louis bathroom remodel is critical in creating an effective bathroom light setting. There are three major types of bathroom lights: task, ambient, and accent lights. Start with the ceiling lighting for general illumination, then focus on your vanity area for targeted illumination. Lastly, consider having additional fixtures like shower or bathtub lights.

Task Lighting

For routines such as shaving or applying makeup, you’ll need focused and shadow-free light around your vanity. Sconces are a typical choice for both sides of your mirror at eye level.

The Ideal Bulb Power for Vanity Lights

In larger master bathrooms, opt for 75-watt bulbs while 45-watt bulbs will suffice in smaller rooms where basic grooming takes place. 

Shower Lighting

A well-lit shower area enhances safety and convenience. Recessed lighting creates an expansive feel without sacrificing brightness when it’s needed.

Remember to use either a damp-rated or moisture-rated fixture depending on whether water directly hits the light or it’s just exposed to humidity.

Quick Tip:

Shower niches can improve visibility with added task lights illuminating bath products.

Ambient Lighting

The central source of light that brightens up the entire room involves creating balance—the right distribution of light that leaves no dark corners ignored but also avoids over-lighting. 

Different types of ceiling lighting include recessed lighting (recommended for modern bathrooms), flush mount ones (a better alternative than cheap fixes), and pendant lights (perfectly suitable as creative focal point additions, not as a main source of light).

Accent Lighting

Add character to your bathroom by highlighting architectural features or beautifully-designed objects using downward-facing wall sconces.

The Often-Forgotten Details: Bathroom Dimmers And Light Bulbs

Bathroom dimmers offer energy-efficiency. Typically connected to overhead lights, these are great for having adjustable levels of illumination all through the day while functioning as a grown-up nightlight.

Choosing bulbs depends on their brightness, longevity, and warmth. LED bulbs are known to be long-lasting and can provide enough brightness for task lighting. Halogen bulbs serve as better alternatives to incandescent lights if you want more affordability yet desire a warmer feel. Edison bulbs, with their visible filaments making each bulb unique, are best used for accent lighting—it offers an industrial design appeal and provides ambiance rather than brightness.

Be cautious about the color of your bulb — find ones that have at least 2700K color temperature and CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 90 or higher for flattering light and a natural feel in your bathroom.

Choosing Your Bathroom Fixture

Give careful thought when choosing your bathroom fixtures—it should both enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom interiors and increase functionality. Whether you’re going for a complete renovation or simply improving your current setup, let Bath Planet of St. Louis helps you decide among endless options to give you optimal satisfaction while providing the best bathroom lights suitable to your needs. 

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Bathroom lighting can be a game-changer! Start embracing its benefits by applying these guides in your home and witness the transformation. Always remember to keep it balanced—not too bright but not too dim, just enough to set the right mood and make your daily grooming routines better. 

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