The Best Bathroom Flooring to Consider for Your Remodel

What’s better than a relaxing retreat in the comfort of your own home? Particularly when it involves transforming an everyday bathroom into a true sanctuary. As the first step for bathroom remodeling in st. Louis, selecting the best bathroom flooring can be a game changer since this element significantly contributes to the overall aesthetics. Moreover, it underpins functionality and safety.

At Bath Planet of St. Louis & More, we blend quality with style, offering you an extensive range of best bathroom flooring options that don’t compromise on beauty or performance.

Understand your Bathroom Flooring Options

Being spoiled for choice is often overwhelming. However, by understanding each bathroom floor material, your decision-making process shall be easier and more precise.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile:

Ranked amongst the best tile for bathroom floor, ceramics and porcelain are water-resistant choices enduring humidity and offering easy maintenance. With abundant designs, they provide diverse looks ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Vinyl Flooring:

Touted as one of the best floors for bathrooms due to its superior water resistance – vinyl flooring mimics natural materials giving stylish appeal without any hassle in maintenance.

Natural Stone:

Nothing bestows luxury like natural stone! Despite being higher on price scale, stones like marble or travertine create exquisite finishes reflecting sophistication at its peak!

Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Inspire Transformation!

Embark on a journey towards creating aesthetic harmony using unique bathroom floor ideas!

Elegance Unbound:

Merge strength with elegance by using marble-styled ceramic tiles ensuring durability while enhancing luxe appeal.

Retro Revamp:

For individuals craving classic spaces influenced by yesteryears, consider hexagon mosaic tiles in monochrome shades for a quintessential vintage vibe.

Natural Nuances:

Unleash organic charm with faux-wood vinyl flooring complementing modern or rustic decor equally well.

What is the Best Material for Bathroom Floors?

When it comes to determining the best material for bathroom floors, personal preferences join hands with practical necessities. For instance, if you seek durable, water-resistant yet trendy bathroom floors – ceramic and porcelain might lead your list. However, if budget allows – one may opt for a luxurious ambience using natural stone selections offering exquisite variety in textures and shades.

Finding the Optimal Flooring Options for Bathrooms

Determining types of bathroom flooring appropriate for your space involves considerations beyond visual appeal. Factors like durability, maintenance expectations and cost are integral while selecting the best flooring for a bathroom remodel.

While materials such as ceramic provide longevity with effortless upkeep at moderate cost– alternatives including natural stones give an opulent experience demanding meticulous maintenance coupled with higher investment.

The Right Step Towards Your Bathroom Floor Renovation

Here at Bath Planet of St. Louis & More, we specialize in supplying an array of bathroom floor options catering to varied styles and functional needs. 

From modern minimalists seeking streamlined designs to traditionalists craving time-tested patterns; we ensure our extensive range fulfills your personal aesthetic taste without compromising on essential elements such as lifespan and practicality.

Whether you’re exploring options for a comprehensive remake or just updating your current space – our experts are ready to guide you! Simply visit to schedule a complimentary consultation and together let’s bring your dream bathroom detour to life!

Don’t delay any longer! Tap into your re-decor desires today and discover how Bath Planet of St. Louis & More can assist you in creating your perfect bathroom haven!

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